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Motor Sich JSC (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) demonstrates project of the MS400 new small-size bypass turbojet engine for light air vehicles (aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and tactical cruise missiles). Not known while types of the air vehicles which will be equiped these engine.  

This information is presented for the first time on exhibitions AERO India 2005 ( Bangalore, India , February 9 to 13, 2005 ) and High Technology of XXI - International Exhibition ( Moscow , Russia , April 18 to 22, 2005).

Motor Sich has an experience of the work on small-dimensioned engine for the missiles. Enterprise the production R95-300 engine (developer Soyuz AMNTK) for Kh-55 missile.

According to information of the Motor Sich engine features high reliability, high fuel efficiency, low thrust-to-weight ratio and low fuel consumption, long period of operation and storage in vehicles and insignificant scope of maintenance operations, quick and reliable starting within wide range of altitude and flight speed, stability when air flow at the engine inlet is non-uniform, capability of inadvertent surge recovery, compact and simple single-shaft design, universal engine mount permitting to install the engine either on pylon or inside fuselage, built-in electric generator providing power supply to vehicle systems, electronic-and-hydraulic automatic control system which does not need adjustment during storage and operation, feasibility of air bleeds for vehicle needs.  

Engine have R125-300-class basic specifications. Thrust max 400 kgf. Specific fuel consumption not more than 0.8 kg/kgf-h. Overall dimensions: diameter with respect to cowling 320 mm, length 1100 mm, height (including mount elements) 455 mm. Dry weight 85 kg.

May, 2005



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