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Ukraine participates in Russian deliverys under programs of multifunctional fighters Sukhoi / Irkut Su-30MKI for the Indian Air Force and Sukhoi/KnAAPO Su-30MKK for China.

Delivery high-precision medial range TV-guided Kh-59M missiles is completed in 2003-2004 under this program.

Kh-59M missile it has been developed in the beginning 1990th years, in times of USSR. The basic developer was Raduga State Engineering Design Bureau, the manufacturer - Smolensk Aircraft Plant. According to interstate cooperation Lvov production association "Electron" (Electron production association at Lvov) manufacture some systems for this missile. Now this large Ukrainian enterprise JSC "Concern Electron" (together with Experimental Design Bureau "Tecon-Electron" ) continues manufacture and sale systems:

- T-2 (A--2-01m / Tecon-2) TV-command gyrostabilized seeker (for search, capture and tracking of on-ground and sea targets in clear weather conditions),

- 1DV1-401AMK receiver with gyrostabilized tracking antenna (for 2D-tracking for direction of arrival impulse signals of 3cm command guidance radio link and transmitting of TV-signals),

- SB-1A solid-state transmitter (for transmitting of FM TV-signals in TV-command guidance systems),

- PK-9M airborne guidance pod,

- IT-23M cockpit indicating device.

The given cooperation cannot be named friendly and it is considered the Russian side as inevitability. The matter is that TV-command seeker for Kh-59M it has been developed in Moscow Research Television Institute (Moskovskii nauchno-issledovatel'skii televizionnyi institut, MNITI, the known developer of household TVs). However to develop anew manufacture of these{it} seeker in Russia it is not expedient. The similar situation around Kh-29T missile. TV seeker Tubus-2 also is created in MNITI (the enterprise of JSC "Impulse" which entered in MNITI). Its{her} manufacture also conducts JSC "Concern Electron" ("Tecon-Electron") under name T-2M1.

The Russian manufacturers try to get rid of deliveries from Ukraine. Programs of modernization Kh-59M missile (Kh-59MK, Kh-59MK2 and Kh-59M2) go on a way of use radar seeker and TV seeker the Russian manufacture.

January, 2005



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