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Since 2005 will begin to enter new BMD-4 IFV on arms of a parts Airborne troops. The main weapon of the BMD-4 IFV comprises of 2A70 100-mm gun/launcher which leads the fire as high explosive fragmentation round, so and 3UBK23-3 round with 9M117M1-3 Arkan (this means "lasso") guided missile.

The 3UBK23-3 round with the Arkan 9M117M1 guided missile is intended to engage modern protected MBT with explosive reactive armour (ERA) under any course angle of the fire (M1A1 Abrams, Merkava-3, Leopard-2, T-84) and high protected MBT under course angle of the fire over 300 (Leclerk, M1A2 Abrams). Besides possible defeat small-size targets, slow-and-low flying target (hovering helicopters). Such powerful arms allows vastly to raise efficiency of the new IFV.

Arkan Main features
Caliber, mm                            - 100
Length, mm                             - 1185
Range of the defeat before, m              - .5500
Averaged armour penetration (ERA), mm- 750
Round weight, kg                      - 21.5
Guidance system                      - automatic, laser

KBP also development of a family of rounds (3UBK23-1, 3UBK23-2) designed for firing from the T-55, T-62 modernize tanks guided weapons. KBP offers an automated fire control system and the following guided armament: the 100 mm 9M117M Kan and 9M117M1-1 Arkan missiles for the T-55 tank; the 100 mm 9M117M Kan and 115 mm 9M117M2 Arkan missiles for the T-62 tank.

Currently KBP is engaged with the development update Arkan for the 105-mm round for the L-7 type gun and for the 125-mm rounds.105-mm round for the L-7 type gun and for the 125-mm rounds.

April 2005



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