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Rounds.  (Source: Piotr Butowski).

Rounds.  (Source: Piotr Butowski).

Once the Combat missile is clear of the barrel of the gun that launched it, the wing and tail surfaces unfold. (Source: Yevgeniy Yerokhin).


Ukrainian State Joint-Stock Holding Company Artem has expanded the Combat series of gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles to include 100mm and 120mm calibres as well as the original 125mm version.

The 125mm version was developed by State Enterprise 'Specialised Foreign Trade Firm Progress'. It entered production in 1999 and first deliveries to the Ukrainian Army took place that year. The new calibres were announced at the AVIASVIT-2004 exhibition in Kiev, where the 125mm and 120mm versions were displayed.

The three basic versions share a common configuration, and consist of a nose-mounted warhead and an aft section containing the propulsion system and four wrap-around wings and tail fins. In order of ascending calibre, they weigh 25kg, 27kg and 30kg.

The 125mm version is intended for use on T-80UD, T-84, T-72AG, T-72B and T-72C, while the 100mm version is for T-55M tanks and MT-12 towed anti-tank guns. The 120mm round could be used on tanks equipped with NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore guns, but these vehicles would have to be fitted with a sighting system equipped to guide the round, such as the 1G46. All versions of Combat use laser beam-riding guidance.

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