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Китай покупает ракеты класса «воздух-воздух» в России.
Китай заказал в общей сложности 1500 ракет класса «воздух-воздух» RVV-AE (AA-12 «Adder») из России для своих Су-30МКК и намеревается приобрести дополнительно 100 шт. в течение 2006 года... 06 апреля 2006

Украина разрабатывает АРГС.
Украинский проект предполагает создание активной РГС для оснащения ракет Р-27 (AA-10 'Alamo') с целью использования не только в качестве модернизированного оружия класса "воздух-воздух", но и в роли ракеты класса "земля-воздух"...
18 янв. 2006

Украина разрабатывает "умные" ракеты для Сингапура
Гос. КБ "Луч" (Украина) разрабатывает "умную" ракету для Сингапура. Речь идет о доработанной НАР С-8 с установленными лазерной ГСН и рулями... 15 дек. 2005

Фазотрон-НИИР демонстрирует радар для "Панцирь-С1Э"
Фазотрон-НИИР распространил информацию относительно РЛС сопровождения цели и ракет 1PC2-Е, предназначенную для самоходного зенитного ракетно-артиллерийского комплекса "Панцирь-С1Е"... 15 дек. 2005

Ракета Р-77 может расширить возможности "Куба"
Российский проект использования ракеты класса "воздух-воздух" Р-77 (ГосМКБ "Вымпел", AA-12 "Adder") в системах "земля-воздух" предполагает  модернизацию системы "Квадрат" ("Куб") ... 14 дек. 2005

Иран собирается покупать 29 систем "Тор-М1"
Официальные представители Ирана подтвердили, что Иран ведет переговоры с Россией, с целью приобретения Алмаз-Антей "Тор-М1" (SA-15 "Gauntlet")... 8 дек. 2005

Russia offers ground-based 'Slamraamski' SAM system
At the recent MAKS 2005 air show at Zhukovsky, near Moscow, JSC Toropov State Engineering Design Bureau Vympel showed models and drawings of a planned mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) system based on the Vympel R-77 (AA-12 'Adder') air-to-air missile... 16-Sep-2005

Ka-band seeker boosts Kh-25 attack capability
Phazotron-NIIR Corporation has developed a radar seeker that can be used to modernise the Kh-25MA active-radar missile or installed in air-to-surface missiles of similar size, ... 16-Sep-2005

Ukrainian company displays underwater control units
At the Second International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS 2005) held at St Petersburg, Russia, the Automatic G Petrovsky Kiev plant from Ukraine displayed the control... 08-Aug-2005

Ghibka conducts test firings
A series of trials of the Ghibka naval mounting for Igla-class short-range surface-to-air missiles has been completed at a land range... 08-Aug-2005

Club cruise missile offered in ground-launched form
At the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) 2005 exhibition held in St Petersburg between 29 June and 3 July 2005, the Novator Design Bureau and...

Belarus displays upgraded Buk-MB system
During the MILEX 2005 exhibition in Belarus, the Minsk-based company GNPO Agat displayed for the first time some vehicles from its Buk-MB self-propelled air-defence missile... 03-Aug-2005

Russia offers Club-S to Iran
The Novator 3M54 Club-S (SS-N-27 'Sizzler') multirole anti-ship missile system is being offered as an armament option to Iran as part of the upgrade package...

Agat shows 'world's smallest' active-radar missile seeker. At the June 2005 Paris Air Show, the Moscow-based Agat Research Institute displayed a prototype of what it believes is the world's smallest active-radar missile seeker, writes Doug Richardson. Designed in a diameter that seems to rule out a Russian application, it may be intended for use on Chinese missiles... Jun-2005

Kh-555 demonstrates high-accuracy attack
During a recent flight test of the Raduga Kh-555 air-launched cruise missile, the weapon flew for 2,000 km, then attacked a dummy target with what Lieutenant General Alexander Rakhmanov, deputy head of the weapons procurement directorate of the Russian military forces, described as "through the window" accuracy. An extensively modified...

ONLINE EXTRA - Russia prepares for S-400 Triumf production
The S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile system is currently undergoing state tests, according to Colonel General Boris Cheltsov, chief of the Russian Air Force's General Staff. Preparations for series production are now underway and the first production systems could enter service by the end of 2005. Earlier this year it was...

Russians foil a planned Strela attack
On 15 April 2005, Russian forces prevented an attempt by guerrillas to fire shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles at aircraft operating at Khankala air base in the northeast outskirts of the Chechen capital of Grozny. Khankala was built in the Soviet era as a training centre for jet pilots but is now...

ONLINE EXTRA - Russian bombers fire air-to-surface missiles
Two Tu-95MS strategic bombers and a single Tu-160 of the Russian Air Force carried out practice launches of air-to-surface missiles on the Pem-Bei range in the north of the country on 29 March 2005. The aircraft were part of a force of six from the Ukrainka and Engels airbases tha ...

ONLINE EXTRA - Eritrea orders Kornet-E
Russia is to supply Kornet-E (AT-14) anti-tank missile systems to Eritrea. According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, the deal was agreed during a visit to Russia by Eritrean Foreign Minister Ali Sayyid Abdallah in April 2005. The UN has expressed concern over the possibility that conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia...

Russian and Ukraine to collaborate on RS-20 life extension
Russia and Ukraine have drawn up a draft agreement to extend the service life of the RS-20 (SS-18 'Satan') intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The system was developed in Ukraine, as was the RS-22 (SS-24 'Scalpel'). The Yangel Design Bureau - now the Yuzhnoe Design Bureau (KBYu) - developed both missiles, while manufacture was handled by Yuzhnoye NPO in Ukraine. Some RS-22s were built at the Pavlograd Mechanical Plant in Ukraine...

BrahMos makes 10th test flight
The 10th flight test of the Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile was successfully conducted on 15 April 2005. The missile was fired from a canister launcher on the Indian Navy destroyer Rajput, and successfully attacked and destroyed a decommissioned ship that was moving off the Western Sea coast. This was...

Russian decoy protects Pechora-2M systems
An unidentified Arab state has ordered a Russian decoy system able to protect its Pechora-2M (SA-3 'Goa') surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems from attack by anti-radiation missiles (ARMs). Developed by a team headed by OAO Defensive Systems and including the Second Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Kuntsevo Design...

Russia claims most advanced S-125 upgrade
Dr Andrei Romanov, director general of Oboroniteiniye Sistemy, was quoted in the Russian press as saying the Pechora-2M is the most advanced S-125 upgrade package currently available. For the past year, the Pechora-2M upgrade has been competing against Polish and other upgrade packages to meet a requirement to modernise Bulgaria's...

Ukraine investigates supply of missiles to China and Iran
Ukraine's Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun confirmed on 18 March 2005 that an investigation into the illicit transfer of 18 Raduga Kh-55 (AS-15 'Kent', RKV-500A) cruise missiles from Ukraine to China and Iran is under way. According to Piskun, 12 Kh-55s were supplied to Iran and six to China. Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine, the country's military was left with a vast inventory of weapons and ammunition tha ...

GNIIP offers new inertial control systems
GNIIP has developed the BINSU-L laser-gyro strap-down inertial navigation control system for air-to-air missiles. A sensor bloc based on LDUS (Lazerniy Datschik Uglovikh Skorostey) laser gyroscopes provides angle-rate and linear acceleration data good enough for use in medium-accuracy inertial navigation systems. The unit is 180 mm in diameter, 180 mm long and weighs 5.5 kg. It requires 100 W of power from a 27±2.7 V DC supply and is ready...go

Russian Navy to adopt eight-round SHORAD turret
Intended for use on surface ships with displacement of 200 tonnes or more, the mounting is remotely controlled and weighs 1.3-2 tonnes. Each of the Strelets launching modules weighs 72 kg and carries two missiles, so the full firing capacity of a 3M-47 turret fitted with four modules is eight...

Russia moves to vertical-launch Shtil
Russian Public Joint Stock Company DNPP (Dolgoprudnenskoye naucsno - proizvodstvennoye predpriyatie), which is part of the Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern, developed the new 9M317ME SAM as an upgrade for the Shtil-1 naval air-defence system. Developed by the Altair Naval Radio Electronics Scientific Institute Public Joint Stock Company, which is also a member of the Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern, Shtil-1 is an improved version of the earlier Shtil system that is...go

Work begins on air-launched BrahMos
Development of an air-launched version of the Russian/Indian BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile is expected to begin in two or three years time. According to Dr A Sivanthu Pillai, chief executive officer and managing director of BrahMos Aerospace, the air-launched version is at the "design stag", which will be followed by...

Russia develops fire-and-forget Kornet
In an interview given to the Russian military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda a few weeks before his resignation in late September, Gen Kormiltsev said that the new missiles can be equipped with "a thermal or radio-locating homing head", and could be used against enemy anti-tank missile systems. Kornet had become a...

S-300P to be modified as targets
Russia is currently using modified versions of at least three SAMs as targets. These include the Strizh target missile that uses modified 5Ya25 SAMs from the S-25 (SA-1 'Guild') system; the Sinitsa target missile that uses modified 5Ya23 SAMs from the S-75 (SA-2 'Guideline') system; and the Pichchal target missile...

NPO Mashinostroyeniya to be part of new holding company
The new 11-enterprise OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company) Military-Industrial Corporation NPO Mashinostroyeniya (Science and Production Association Machine-Building) will be based on the current NPO Mashinostroyeniya, headquartered in Reutov, near Moscow, that was formed in October 2001. Integration of the new holding company is due to be completed in early 2005...

Details of Russian missile radar altimeters released
The RVE-12 radar altimeter developed for the Kh-35E (3M24E) subsonic anti-ship missile consists of a single transmitter-receiver unit plus two antenna units. The transmitter-receiver unit weighs 4.5kg, and requires 20W of 27V DC power. Designed to measure heights from the missile's minimum cruise altitude up to 5,000m, the RVE-12 has...

AGAT defines its technology for next-generation seekers
In the latest AGAT radar seeker designs, analogue-to-digital conversion occurs immediately after the antenna, explained General Director and Designer General Iosif Akopyan. A microwave receiver is mounted directly on the rear of the antenna and its output is fed to an analogue-to-digital converter. From that point on, all signal processing is digital. The intermediate frequency (IF) is defined by the capability of the analogue-to-digital converters available to designers, said Akopyan,...

Bazalt plans guided bomb trials
Flight trials began using the widely-used FAB-500 M62 aerial bomb. Bazalt General Director Vladimir Korenkov told JMR that the next stage of testing will be to add a combined Global Positioning System (GPS) and inertial navigation system to the weapon. Asked why published range figures for the system were lower...



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