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The Toropov State Engineering Design Bureau Vimpel headed by Gennady Sokolovsky celebrated last November the 55th anniversary of its founding.

Vimpel is Russian monopoly for development of air-to-air missiles. It developed 40+ types of missiles, 200+ types of air-to-air and air-to-surface rocket launchers, cannon units, dispenser munitions containers, NAR unguided air-to-surface missile launchers, reflective jamming devices and other weapon systems. The products are used in the armies of 30 countries of the world.

Vimpel is currently not in a position to market its products abroad independently. Negotiations are under way, however, to join a major holding -- Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC (TMC). Vimpel representatives believe that this can take quite some time as first it will be necessary to complete transformation into a joint-stock company. Yet with Vimpel keeping its independence and completing the transformation, it will enjoy much better export prospects and find it easier to make arrangements with its subcontractors, which will result in improved performance in its area of expertise within the TMC.

In his anniversary address on 18.11.2004, Vimpel's General Director Gennady Sokolovsky said that "the business has everything that it needs to stay the leading developer of new generation weapons to ensure air superiority for the combat air force."

In November of the current year an agreement was signed between a number of RF leading defence manufacturers and the Sukhoy AVPK aircraft military-industrial complex to participate in the development of a long-range aviation system of 5th generation (PAK FA front-line aviation long-range air complex under the I-21 programme). The document was signed by the heads of GosNIIAS, CAGI, VIAM, CIAM, NIAT, Saturn NPO, Technokomplex NPC, Tikhomirov NIIP, Aerokosmicheskoye Oborudovaniye corporation, Aviapribor-kholdinga, Zvezda-Strela GNPC (TMC's parent company), and Vimpel. Under the programme, Vimpel is successfully developing several new types of small, medium- and long-range air-to-air guided missiles of the next generation. Their development is scheduled to be completed by 2014.

Moreover, it continues its modernization programme for the rocket families -73 (R-74), -77 and -37 in the air-to-air class, and -29T/ in the air-to-surface class.

Vimpel plans to present modernized and new rockets as well as air weapon systems at international air shows in the near future.

December, 2004



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